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05-Feb-2018 22:33

There were several memorable You Tube videos in the original western swing style.

The first is from the Seldom Scene, from the 1995 album The banjo player is probably Tom Boyd, from southern Ohio, currently with the Dry Branch Fire Squad.

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There isn't any banjo on this cut, but it is still really great.

There is also a You Tube video of Flatt & Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys performing the song on their Martha White television show.

The tab is based upon the performance from the Flatt & Scruggs At Carnegie Hall album.

Asleep at the Wheel is a western swing band that began in the 1970s, who strive to emulate the orginal Texas Playboy sound.

This pattern is imitated by the two later performances.

The great Terry Baucom guested on banjo with the contemproary bluegrass band Mountain Heart in this next video is from a July, 2010 festival performance.

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