Bosco wong and myolie wu dating

02-Jul-2017 09:13

"I only filmed with her for two days."The actor admitted he once saw Myolie as his future partner.

He didn't want to break up in the beginning, but still painfully accepted the reality.

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I am considering overseas vacation."When mentioned about his old love, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), was dating with Philip Lee, Bosco graciously gave his blessings: "It is normal to date when one finds a suitable partner.

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Original articles are in Chinese and is from various Chinese newspapers.In another radio, Bosco talked about his feelings with the break-up.He said there is no special reason behind the breakup."It's not about third party or the Mainland actress I worked with," he said.Please give us space."Reporters asked whether she felt insecure dating Bosco, she said she doesn't know how to reply.

Then she dropped tears when she hears Bosco would rather die to protect if she gets hurt.He disclosed he rejected a Mainland China performance with 7 digits in order to celebrate Lunar New Year with his family: "I did not celebrate Lunar New Year for many years.