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29-Oct-2017 20:17

" He looks down at me as I speak, reveling in my total submission. They went hard at it, and both me and the other bottom were moaning as much as you can with a hard cock fucking your mouth!

There was a total of 6 men - and us two bottoms on the bed, showing our willing holes... A hard cock in my mouth, while I could see another hard cock enter the arse next to my face - and I knew the other bottom could see the cock that pushed inside my arse while he presumably also had a cock in his mouth!

It probably didn’t help matters that the first guy I wrapped my lips around told the whole room that I was a fantastic cocksucker.

Where's Jenna, the girl who usually takes care of me? I'm a professional." "It's just that I've never had a guy... He preps his oils and towels while my head spins with crippling, circular inquiry. There is a certain quality to his voice - velvety smooth and calm; it makes me WANT to hear him talk. Say I like you mean it." I form the words in my head and let them fly. But then, after a still moment or two, he slowly lowers his knob again to my lips. Open up..." Lonnie clasps the sides of my head with his big and powerful hands. And I knew that the cock from my arse probably went in his mouth...It’s below freezing outside, so it ought to be clear to even the slowest among them that there’s a •reason• my ass is on display, shouldn’t it?Yes, head is often the expected preamble to fucking, I get that. I'm gonna make you mine." He drives hard into my mouth - forcing his cock into my throat! " Again he drives deep, setting his pace for the sprint down home stretch.

“Regrettably” as in “not bred deep into my ass”, but far be it from me to complain about •any• load another man wants to pump into me. Lonnie's eyes relax into pleased slits; grinning satisfaction spreads across his face. Soon he moves in perfect rhythm with my sucking and we work together like a single beast. Each time he presses into my gag reflex zone I heave... He blunts my sensitivity with constant, calculated contact until finally the opening of my throat relaxes completely. "Oh yeah..feels sooooooo gooooooood..." he sighs, grinding his crotch into my face as he attains his deepest penetration. " he growls, cutting loose with a tremendous orgasm. " Lonnie hisses, pumping away at my throat until his slippery cock-sauce spills from my nostrils and sprays out of my mouth. He grasps his big cock with both hands, aims it at my face and hoses me down with the last of his ocean sized load.