Streem chat sexy

21-Aug-2017 13:32

We have found a streamer who broadcasts at 768×1024, but his video lags so hard, that it is almost impossible to watch a stream and distinguish the face of a streamer.

For sure, lower bitrate means lower visual quality, but you can make your stream look good even below 1,000 kbs.

Try to take a closer look at your appearance; your clothes may not coincide with your personality or have annoying print or color.

Watch your recorded streams and try to look at yourself from outside.

Probably, you can find some successful streamers that don’t talk too much, but it is rather an exception.

If you don’t care to gain new viewers and just want to relax and play the game, of course, you can stream without talking.

Remember that people are going to troll you no matter what you do.

So, choose cloth you feel most comfortable in (but, try to keep it clean, at least) and put your energy in having fun and entertaining your audience.

So, lingerie, swimsuits, undergarments belong to the category of inappropriate clothes for streaming.But, to be honest, many people will come to your stream and leave it only because you are not interacting with your audience.