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With her fingers she scooped up the cum into her mouth and asked 'Did i do good daddy?' 'Yes my slut you made Daddy very proud of you, but don't think your training is over, it's just begun! I'm going to turn that tight little ass of yours into a proper boy pussy!I didn't have an exact plan except to introduce myself and see where it goes from there. 'If you don't learn to obey your new daddy then I'm just going to have to expose you to your mother and anyone else I can think of! ' Very good this was working out better than I hoped! When she finally got my fat cock out I was amazed at how much bigger It looked in her little hands.I was a little surprised when a young lady opened the door! She had on a very short cocktail dress as in if it was any shorter I would be able to see her cock and her tail. ' I think this got her attention because her look went from defiance to defeat in seconds. She started stroking me and I could see how mesmerized she was watching my foreskin slide back and forth over my angry cock head. Start sucking and make it sloppy, I expect sloppy head from my sluts!About two months ago a woman and her son moved into the vacant apartment next to mine.I noticed right away how effeminate the son was, even though he was dressed like any other 18yr old boy, he couldn't have weighed more than 115lbs and his facial features were soft and delicate!' After that first day forcing my thick 9 inch cock down her throat and painting her face with my hot sticky cum, I left her with instructions to get that asspussy ready for me to use.

Since I work from home I know most of my neighbors schedules and the boys mother would head out around 8am and not return until 7 or 8pm! 'Yes Daddy, I have a friend like me and we practice on each other.' 'Well now you'll practice on me.

I wasn't going to last much longer so I grabbed her hair with both hands and held her down as I felt my orgasm rising up my shaft.

I saw stars when I finally came and I came alot 4,5,6...7 long ropes of cum down her throat but I wanted to mark her as my pet, my fuck toy, my cum slut so I pulled out of that warm tight throat to finish on her face.

Two long thick ropes of cum hit her in the forehead and cheek.


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Breathing heavy with my cum running down her face she couldn't have looked more beautiful.And with a new found purpose she forced another inch into her mouth.

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