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09-Feb-2018 06:14

That might be more dates than you’ve had in all of last year!

At a speed dating Los Angeles, CA event, the women stay seated the whole night while the men move from table to table.

Here's what the newly single need to know about online dating.

When I first starting dating again, this dude kindly pointed out to me that I had "no game." Well, thank you, sir.

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Don’t bother to make up some transparent excuse about a friend in distress or a forgotten, starving pet. Dash off something pithy, answer any questions, fire off a couple of your own, and keep the message to a paragraph at most. As my best friend said, "Do you leave your apartment? Then you'll meet someone." It's true: just when you least expect it, you'll stumble across someone wonderful.

He was right, though: I'd been off the market for six years, and consequently had no idea how to date.

When I told him that I didn't want to play games, he corrected me, saying, "It's not about playing games. If you're doing your own thing, it becomes second nature to wait a little while before responding. You'll know within a few minutes of meeting whether you'll want to see this person again.

It’s more empowering and less awkward to be honest — and, who knows, your date might be feeling the same way. It's impossible to say whether it'll be online or off, but in the meantime, have fun with this.

If your initial messages convinced you that you were destined to ride off into the sunset with this person, but upon meeting you're about as attracted to them as your great uncle Bob, it's fine to cut your losses and move on. That means no dinner, no movies, no shows, no ice skating, no tandem dog walks, no walks on the beach and absolutely no meals. If you absolutely adore the guy or girl over a cortado or a Pimm’s cup — wonderful. Or, if the mood strikes, sips can always turn into sups — but if you’re tucking into a five-course meal with an awkward person with whom you have nothing in common, it’s going to be a long night.