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Whatever pre-tour apprehensions Jeff may have harboured seemed to have vanished by the time he switched back to his Fender Tele and roared into a spellbinding version of the Freddy King classic "The Stumble".

With just a hint of tasteful distortion, Beck launched into a slightly louder solo and hit some nice emotional high notes that accentuated that lovely number.

In April 1993, after practicing for four days on the south coast of England, Jeff Beck and the Big Town Playboys were ready for their premier live performance as a temporary working unit.

Doing mostly the Crazy Legs - Vincent/Gallup tribute, they rounded out their set with a few other numbers from that era, from people like Carl Perkins and the Johnny Burnette Trio.

Our mission is to contact other fan clubs or artists who have worked with or for Jeff. Then we may find things like more on the original Beck Group from Stewart's fans, maybe a tape of the Bad News London Concert with Brian May and Jeff from a Queen fan.

Who knows - some Scandanavian Bulletin reader may even know a former Kim Milford fan who has a copy of the "Superstition" single that Circus Magazine back in the seventies reported existed and the actual recording of which was confirmed to me by Tim Bogert himself.

All of which he had to do on a much harder to play old Gretsch Duo Jet guitar rather than his customary fast action Fender Stratocasters.

Best regards, Richard Mackay, Editor, Yardbirds World Magazine. "Too Much To Lose" Dick, Here's the tape I promised. C.) at the BBA show at Park Center on 12 July, 1973 was Dr. When Carmine took his drum solo during "Morning Dew", Tim Bogert came out on stage with the bag, dancing like Dr. Also, something interesting I found in a book the other day; "Ringo Starr, Straight Man or Joker?Without a moment of hesitation the group broke into "Crazy Legs" as from then onwards Mr."Crazy Fingers" nimbly pulled off all of those exacting Gallup riffs just as he did on the Lp.However his management is hinting around that now that Jeff has celebrated his fiftieth it may be time to at least start thinking about something more in the form of the written word.

If someone was to do something in the meantime on their own, as long as it was professionally written and didn't contain any embarassements or innuendos about Jeff, then they have intimated that they probably wouldn't go to any great lengths to stop it.At this juncture they did not know that the planned major U. - nine city tour beginning in Cliff Gallup's home town of Norfolk, VA and ending in LA would unfortunately not proceed in the ensuing months.