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10-Dec-2017 12:27

He said: 'The company that hosts the email account which the ransomware asks you to contact has closed the account.

There's no way to get files back.'It's early days - we don't know if we can find a fix yet.

It comes just weeks after the Wanna Cry attack which paralysed the NHS and left hundreds of thousands of users around the world unable to access their data.

Hackers often demand the victim to pay ransom money to access their files or remove harmful programs.Radiation checks at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site in Ukraine were being carried out manually after the wave of cyber attacks.A spokesman said: 'Due to the temporary disconnection of Windows systems, radiation monitoring of the industrial site is being carried out manually.' Rozenko Pavlo, Ukraine's deputy Prime Minister, posted an image of his locked computer, saying 'all computers of the government' had fallen victim to the virus.Chernobyl's radiation monitoring system has been hit by the attack with its sensors shut down while UK advertising giant WPP, the largest agency in the world, among dozens of firms affected.

The ransomware appears to have been spread through popular accounting software and specifically targeted at bringing down business IT systems.'They will be the locations that for some reason or another could not afford to patch in a timely manner.'Places that may have industrial controls or other critical infrastructure that can't easily be taken offline to upgrade.' Such viruses hold data to ransom, scrambling it until a payment is made, usually requesting virtual currency Bitcoin because it cannot be traced to a user.

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