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26-Sep-2017 09:35

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Monetisation Ok, now that the technical stuff is out the way, we can concentrate on the money making side of this method.

However, you need to pick your 20 answers strategically.Using this software will allow you to scale your earnings potentially in to the thousands of dollars/pounds per month on complete autopilot. : I’ll be showing you two different methods in this tutorial, both have the potential to net you the magic ‘0 a day’ income quite comfortably, if you put the work in and follow the steps I’ve detailed below.What’s even better is that in my FREE ‘Bonus Download’ at the end of this tutorial I’ll also be showing you how you can set these methods to ‘autopilot’ so you can earn money from Yahoo Answers in your sleep, and achieve those triple figure earnings days a lot quicker! If you’ve never been on Yahoo Answers before, below is a screen shot of what you will see when you click on the ‘Browse Categories’ tab: As you can see, there are lots of different categories where people can post questions.Search for any keyword you want and once you’ve searched for it, on the left hand side you’ll see the ‘Refine search’ box.

On the ‘Question Status’ drop down menu, select ‘Open Questions’ and from the ‘Date Submitted’ drop down menu, select ‘Last 7 days’ then search again. You now have questions that are still open and 7 days old, this is perfect for us as we can get answers in to these questions and they are about to go in to voting very soon.There is literally no limit on the amount of products, offers and services you can promote.

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